Are you realising the value of the ip in your business?
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Are you realising the value of the ip in your business?

Are you realising the value of the ip in your business?

Accurate identification of the IP in your business is essential if you wish to show the true value of your business to potential investors, lenders or even purchasers. An awareness of your IP assets will also help to identify new directions for your business.

Consolidating all of your business’ IP assets (copyrights, trademarks, business concepts and brands) in one central point can deliver benefits for businesses both large and small:

– a multi-national might transfer all of its IP to an undertaking based in a jurisdiction which offers significant cost saving or tax advantages (such as the Netherlands);

– a smaller concern, such as a charity, could discover major advantages in transferring all of its IP assets to a trading company, opening the way to income streams from licensing.

For the larger company, a valuation of its IP assets means that finance can be raised by using IP as collateral for loans or through securitisation of IP income streams. This is also true to an extent for smaller concerns.

Furthermore, small concerns can now protect their IP as they never could before through the new fast track Patents County Court system for small claims (see our related article HERE).

This means that it is just as important for small undertakings as it is for large ones to find out about the potential value of their “passive” IP assets.

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