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Intellectual property
law advice and services

Please contact Victoria on 07887 810020 or victoria@vltlegal.co.uk or via the contact page

Intellectual property law advice and services

VLT LEGAL offers intellectual property law advice and services for small to medium sized businesses and the music and creative sectors.

Music Business Services

VLT LEGAL provides a wide range of legal services in music, copyright and IP law to the music, creative and education sectors.  Find out more here about VLT LEGAL’s music and creative business services

SME Business Services

Whether you are looking for ways to protect your brand, or to realise income from your IP assets by licensing them out or preparing them for sale, please read here to find out how VLT LEGAL can help you

Client reviews

“Rigorous, reliable and responsive convey something of the complete professional that Victoria is. An exceptional advisor on several assignments, I had the pleasure of working with and depending on Victoria’s acumen to successfully determine legal best-practice. I heartily recommend Victoria’s legal services and the reassuring rapport she creates.”


Client reviews